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A Feed Me To The Waves bundle collecting their their albums on dunk!records in one beautiful package, to help you collect them all at a friendly price! 

Post-rockers Feed Me To The Waves are fan favourites in this genre and for good reason. These Swedes pack their music with as many blissful climaxes and bombastic crescendos as humanly possible, so much so we're starting to think they're not quite all human, you know.

One of the hallmarks of Feed Me To The Waves's music has always been their mastery of patience and restraint, and compared to their peers, a tendency to go for all the more essential. They have always excelled at crafting lush soundscapes, and elegance is their second name, but beyond that, their goal has always been to build upon a stripped-back foundation with a focus on dramatic contrasts - “bigger bigs and smaller smalls,” as they themselves can only put it.

Feed Me To The Waves are truly one of our favourite bands, and we'd like to celebrate their legacy with this special bundle, curated for all you vinyl collectors and post-rock lovers alike. 

This bundle includes:

Feed Me To The Waves • Before This Wilderness Consumes Us on Moon Eclipse Vinyl

Feed Me To The Waves • Intill on Orange Marble Vinyl

Feed Me To The Waves • Apart on Yellow w/ Blue Blob Vinyl

Get it now for a special promotional price! 

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