Flash The Readies • Kayos [LP]


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Kayos by Flash The Readies on 180g colored vinyl.
Released on dunk!records, Nov. 2nd, 2016.



Flash the Readies is a Czech post-rock band with feels of alternative rock and psychedelia. They have come a long way since their formation in 2006 when they started as an indie rock band, but evolved into a mainly instrumental band on their previous album Submarine Sky (2014) and went entirely post-rock on Kayos (2016). They emphasize on strong melodies with ambient and cinematic feels, but are also not afraid of build-ups and loud finals which fully explode in their live performances. Their influences are MONO, Godspeed You! Black Emperor with gentle touches of Pink Floyd.

Kayos, their fourth full album, recorded beneath the mountain peaks of Jeseniky, evokes the world in chaos. It is a sonic journey where calm passages precede emotional eruptions in the spirit of the genre’s best. It is a cinematic, imaginative, soundtrack for a non-existent post apocalyptic movie.




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