Grand Aquila • Vestiges [LP]


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Vestiges by Grand Aquila on 180g colored vinyl in two variants. Each limited to 150 copies.

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Grand Aquila, the dynamic Belgian post-metal band, took flight in 2020. Their music is a captivating fusion of epic harmonies and visceral intensity, offering a powerful sound with a touch of optimism. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, their unique style reflects a rich tapestry of influences.

The band comprises four talented members, with three of them originating from the post-rock and post-metal scene, including familiar label bands Terraformer and Ilydaen.

Hailing from Huy, Belgium, this instrumental post-metal quartet has a mission: to make music that's louder and darker with each new release. Embrace their sonic journey and get ready to soar with Grand Aquila.

Their debut album, independently recorded between 2021 and 2022 with Tobias Stieler (Kokomo), showcases their commitment to crafting expansive soundscapes. These compositions create a dark ambiance while subtly hinting at hope. Notably, the tracks are seamlessly connected through meticulously crafted analog instrument interludes, which feature instruments like the melodika, bugle, and waldorf blofeld. But that's not all; the band's creativity goes beyond the ordinary, incorporating unconventional sounds like wrinkled paper, plastic bags, old door hinges, and a wide range of vocalizations, from clean singing to powerful screams.

Grand Aquila is more than a band; they're architects of a sonic journey. Get ready to embark on a musical adventure that defies boundaries.






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