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Hashshashin • Śaraṇaṃ [LP]


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Śara​ṇ​aṃ by Hashshashin on 180g Black Vinyl. European exclusive. 


Lovers of psychedelia rejoice! And brace yourself for the trippiest record of the year, as Hashshashin push all conceivable boundaries on a a record that is already a cult classic! 

With "Śaraṇaṃ", Hashshashin continue to explore the possibilities of evocative, instrumental music, pushing beyond the bounds and limitations of post and progressive rock. They remain one of Australia’s most interesting and rewarding underground acts, breaking their own path to new sounds and inspirations, and seeking to take listeners on the journey with them. 

A lush and meditative record of hypnotic rhythms, cinematic post-rock, and Eastern musical traditions " Śara​ṇ​aṃ" transports the listener on a beautiful journey of meditation and self-discovery. We're incredibly lucky to have scored some exclusive EU copies of this insane record (courtesy of Art As Catharsis) but act quick cause they're very limited! 


Śaraṇaṃ by Hashshashin


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