HIMITZU • Tears of Gold [LP]


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Tears of Gold by HIMITZU on 180g Deep Green Marble vinyl.

Brilliant dark-pop from Germany. A shimmering debut from one of the freshest young voices in Europe!


With a name inspired by the Japanese word "himitsu," meaning "secret," HIMITZU enthralls listeners with their enigmatic soundscapes that embody both mystery and revelation. Combining modern sounds with a vintage feel, their music seamlessly blends elements of synth-driven melodies, ethereal guitar riffs, pulsating bass lines, evocative vocals, and driving drums.

On their debut EP, "Tears of Gold" the band delves deep into the depths of human emotion, fearlessly addressing themes of pain, resilience, and personal growth. With lyrical narratives that navigate the shadows of traumatic life experiences, they deliver messages of empowerment, healing, and finding strength in vulnerability.


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