I Hear Sirens • Beyond The Sea, Beneath The Sky [LP]


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Beyond The Sea, Beneath The Sky by I Hear Sirens on 180g colored vinyl. Pressed on vinyl for the very first time!

Comes in two variants (EU & US) in a regular 12" case sleeve:

  • EU variant: Trans Blue w/ White Smoke (limited to 150 copies)
  • (SOLD OUT) US variant: Trans Red w/ Black Smoke (only 20 available through dunk!records, limited to 150 copies via Post.Recordings)

Co-released by Post.Recordings for USA. Distro also available through New Noise China for Asia. UK customers can purchase our releases via Church Road Records.

Originally released December 15th, 2009.
Releases April 29th, 2022.


This debut full length album by I Hear Sirens, originally released in 2009, perfectly captures the classic post rock sound of the 2000s mixed with shoegaze of the future. This record is textured, dynamic, intense at some points and dreamy at others. The ebb and flow of the guitars paint a cinematic image with each piece, communicating more than lyrics ever could. It’s the perfect companion for a nostalgic late night walk through a dark city.



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