Ilydaen / Oldd Wvrms • The Wave & The Swell [split LP]


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The Wave & The Swell by Ilydaen and Oldd Wvrms on 180g colored vinyl. Comes in transparent green marbled vinyl.

Released in April, 2019.


Ilydaen has been releasing their music on dunk!records in the past and for this last effort before calling it a day as a band we are thankful to be part of this split LP with Oldd Wvrms and their previous albums 'Veil', 'Maze' and 'Digressions'. This trio was always at their best on stage and are definitely on our list of dunk!festival highlights several times.

'Ilydaen [ilidæn] is a post-rock band created in 2009. This post-rock label is not so quite accurate while the band is none of what you could expect. It gives more energy than a post-rock band, as well as more occasions to drown into self-reflexion and vague feelings. It's the way we're trying to give the audience a chance to be close to us.' — source

'Created in 2014, Oldd Wvrms is a band officiating in an occult register insisting on a dark and tormented atmosphere. Drawing his inspiration from ancient tales of witchcraft and forgotten rituals. Their music is brewed in a dark cauldron, blending doom/sludge/black and post-metal, including samples, drones & lithurgic chants into a more hypnotic and intoxicating level.' — source


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