Immanu El • Distance [LP]

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Distance by Immanu El on 180g coloured vinyl.

Releases on November 26th, 2021.



Immanu El (post- / indie rock) from Gothenburg, Sweden, started as a musical experiment in 2004 by 16-year-old Claes Strängberg soon joined by his twin brother Per and old friends David Lillberg, Jonatan Josefsson and Robin Ausberg. The music have got its roots in the early post-rock scene and the ambition of the band has always been to create something captivating and beautiful, experimenting with other styles and elements with a lot of vocal arrangements. The band has gained a growing reputation to be one of the most promising bands from Scandinavia today and performed over 300 shows in 30 countries since the debut album was released 2008. 






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