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Jambinai • 隱棲:은서 (a Hermitage) [LP]


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隱棲:은서 (a Hermitage) by Jambinai. Comes in a gatefold cover and includes a CD version of the album. This is a Bella Union release


JAMBINAI are one of the most unique bands in the post-rock scene and an untameable force of nature! What other word better describes their music other than unique? Blending post-rock blissful climaxes and post-metal angular riffing with traditional South Korean folk  instruments including such as the piri, the haegeum, and the geomungo (or "black zither”), Jambinai are nothing short of unique and their dedication building epic soundscapes is currently unmatched! Their compositions are just as uniquely entrancing, a true feast for the ears and the soul! A true musical journey, JAMBINAI’s music explores both sonically and emotionally, constantly pushing post-rock boundaries and reinventing itself in new and exciting forms. This sonic exploration is paired with a deep introspective character which explores themes of despair and isolation via voiceless chants and choirs. 



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