Ka'Una • Focus [LP] NEW pressing!


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Focus by Ka'Una on 180g vinyl. Comes in a single sleeve with UV high glossy spot varnish details and lyric sheet insert. 

First pressing "Into Blue" Ed. available now and limited to 100 copies. Oceanic Fade w/ Gold Splatter. SOLD OUT! 

Second pressing "Icy Way" Ed. available now and limited to 100 copies! Deep Ocean blue base w/ Black Smoke & Gold Speckles and Iceberg Blob!

Each copy is unique with odd shaped blobs! 


Released May 16th and currently in stock. 


A limited amount of records will be made available at one of our trusted partners:
Athousandarms - US & Canada
Church Road Records & A Cheery Wave Records - UK

Check with them in the coming weeks for more details. Thank you for your support from overseas!


This year we embarked on a new journey to unearth some of post-metal's greatest hidden gems, and offer them to you in a new polished vinyl package. Ka'Una are the latest in a line of bands that despite wearing their influences on their collective sleeve, always manage to surprise the listener and engulf them in a sonic journey of great cinematic effect. "Focus" is a record filled with so many classic "ISIS" and "Cult of Luna" moments to immediately sound familiar and catch our interest while the unique elements the band brings to the table fully conquer us by the time the album bids its emotional farewell.

Confidently following in the steps of the giants of the genre, Ka'Una have composed a record of high atmospheric presence and pathos. An album filled with subtle nuances, with hints and nods to post-rock and shoegaze, and a refreshing listen for anyone who has loved this genre and for years has been looking for a worthy follow up to classics like "Oceanic", "Wake/Lift" and "Somewhere Along the Highway". This is post-metal in its purest form and at its most epic. This is an album for all those who love their metal like we do: loud, heavy and full of cathartic atmospheres! 



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