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Klidas • No Harmony [LP]


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Since putting its own spin on 1970s rock movement, Italy has been well regarded as a contributor to prog and psychedelia. From Banco del Mutuo Soccorso to P.F.M. passing through Goblin and Le Orme, Italian artists expanded this already seemingly boundless genre by incorporating the most disparate element; and much more recently, a new wave of metal bands is reaffirming, once again, Italy’s contribution to progressive music. Less renowned is the mountainous region of Basilicata, an hidden gem of breathtaking cliffs and picturesque villages. It is from the sunburnt shores and peaks of this remote region that hail Klidas, one of the most exciting new faces not only on the Italian scene, but post music as a whole! 

The band’s debut album “No Harmony” is hard to pin down, but electrifying to say the least. Sapiently blending a rocky post-rock backbone with progressive rock, math rock and even jazz, Klidas have unleashed an incredible album that fully stretches and bends the boundaries of what post-rock means and sounds like. The album immediately surprises for its prominent use of saxophone and uneven drumming patterns, rousing sights and sounds of classic 1990s Anime; more of Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and their distinctive soundtracks than snowy mountaintops, sleepy stone villages and folk songs. It’s really “No Harmony”’s peculiar and dynamic character that sets it apart from the plethora of other instrumental releases. Klidas in fact, are unlike anything you’ve heard before, while sounding surprisingly familiar and comforting, evoking images and places already seen and fond memories. 

Klidas have concocted something truly special here. Over its three-quarter-of-an-hour playtime, “No Harmony” gifts the listeners with continuous highlights, making for a truly impressive listen from start to finish. Stretching from almost free jazz jamming sessions to lounge music and passing through guitar solos that wink to Camel and their "Snow Goose”, “No Harmony” experiments and amuses, without ever forgetting to tend to melody and well yes, harmony. In fact all these seemingly random elements are in complete harmony with each other, and the end result is a refreshing, engaging and extremely fun listen. An exceptional debut from one of the most exciting new prospects in post-rock and an album that should definitely be in your collection. For a band whose names translates from the Czech to “Giant of Silence”, Klidas are definitely a huge sonic revelation! 

FFO:  Tortoise, Battles, Maybeshewill, The Seatbelts, Tsuneo Imahori, Jazz-infused rock music. 


01. Shores
02. Shine
03. Not To Dissect
04. Arrival
05. Circular
06. The Trees Are In Misery


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Released on Bird's Robe Records.

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