Kokomo • If Wolves [CD]

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If Wolves by Kokomo on CD.


'If Wolves' is the second album by KokomoBeautiful designed digipack. Also available on black and grey vinyl, and digital.
Kokomo is a German instrumental rock band based in Duisburg, Germany. After doing 'Matterhorn Bob and the Black Fair' all by themselves, they still follow the diy philosophy with their latest album 'If Wolves' by recording everything themselves. Of course it is not easy and pretty expensive to get music out there in a good quality and package. Therefore they decided to join dunk!records as the very first band of the new label. They proved their amazing song writing qualities and energetic live performance at dunk!festival2010 and confirmed that again at dunk!festival2011. Check this album and be carried away into a world of beautiful rifs, massive climaxes and floating outros.

Released on dunk!records on April 23rd 2011.


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