Kozmotron • Beyond Event Horizon [2xLP]

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Beyond Event Horizon by Kozmotron on 180g colored (double) vinyl.

Comes in 5mm spine cover.

Released on Oct. 20th, 2023.


We invite you on a kosmic exploration, as Kozmotron’s newest space epic is a mind-bending album that will take you a journey across the galaxy! Kozmotron is a Belgian force of nature that defies classification and genre labels. It is music at its purest form, a desire for experimentation and self-discovery, a constant strive for evolution and inner-search. On their latest epic, Kozmotron explore the vastness of both the musical and human universes, and take us alongside for the ride. And if you watched even one space adventure movie or read any sci-fi then you already that some excepted turn is lying in wait for you, ready to throw you off course and into boundless infinity! How wildly unpredictable things can turn in space, Beyond Event Horizon is just as wild and unpredictable, impossible to define musically, but for unique, eclectic, fun, epic.

The opening track “Roadkill On the Milky Way” should already give you an idea of what’s in for. With its rolling drums, the punching bass, screaming sax and six-stringed extravagance, the song lays out the plan for the get-go; this is not a journey for the faint-hearted, but a grand saga across time and space. Beyond Even Horizon is filled with jazzy madness, unexpected twists and turns and nods and winks at the great space stuff we all love. Here’s a guitar passage reminding you of Jet and Spike’s crazy adventures on the Bebop (“O’Sidarta”), there’s a sax solo transporting you straight into Jabba the Hutt’s crummy spacebar (“Kat Man Doo”), the whole album plays with such effervescence that is impossible not to love it! For us it was love at first listen, and we’re sure so it’ll be for you, as if you ever watched masterpieces like “2001” and “Interstellar” then this album will transport you on a similar kind of epic space journey. Beyond Event Horizon spans decades of musical influences in just 45 minutes, combining seemingly contrasting styles like jazz, soul, prog, stoner and sludge, even reggae (!) into one beautiful supernova of musical grandiosity.

So fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself for a voyage like no other! This one is for the stargazers, for the wanderers and the alienated, for the (space) adventurers and the (cosmic) travellers. It is for music lovers alike, for all those who really look at the moon while the finger is pointing to it. Support your Local Alien Underground and pick up a copy today!






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