Late Night Venture • Pioneers of Spaceflight [CD]

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'Pioneers of Spaceflight' by Late Night Venture on CD.
Released on dunk!records.


Recorded over the course of a year and a half – and subsequently mixed by long term collaborator Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) – the new album from Late Night Venture continues and expands the cosmic soundscape, which the band has refined since releasing their debut album in 2006.

Located in the neverland between shoegaze-influenced, melodic songwriting and cosmic postrock, ”Pioneers of space- flight” explores themes of isolation, hope and celestial beauty over 10 songs: From the wall-of-sound prologue of the majestic ”Kaleidoscopes”, by way of the hypermelodic ”Birmingham” (issued last year on 7 inch vinyl) and the appealing and compact ”Houses” towards a fitting culmination with ”Carisma” – a seven minute psycedelic epilog.

In order to capture the organic quality of their music, Late Night Venture chose to record all tracks live in the studio rather than the conventional layer-by-layer method. This way – and through subsequent treatments by Magnus Lindberg and the band – a life-like, musical narrative could be created using guitars, synth, voices, pianos and drums as pen and paper.






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