Le Temps Du Loup • Cardinal [LP]


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Cardinal by Le Temps Du Loup on vinyl.

Anniversary Repress comes on 180g vinyl in revised album cover with gold foil detail and in two colour variants: black and gold vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

US fans, please go to A Thousand Arms webshop, UK fans can visit the Church Road Records webshop.

Disclaimer: the gold colour may cause some surface noise.

Released October 20th, 2021.

First pressing comes on 180g vinyl in two color variant: gold and clear/black/white smoke. Both limited to 150 copies (worldwide) and sold out.

Second pressing comes on milky clear with white marbled vinyl. Limited to 100 copies. Released on May 30th, 2019 at dunk!festival. (sold out)


In many ways, the Madrid post-metal trio Le Temps Du Loup are the quintessential dunk!records band, displaying an ability to confidently engage more melodic terrain but propelled primarily by a heavy hammer that is primed to drop on listeners’ skulls at any moment. Their journey is one of grim determination to ascend the heights suggested by the weighty thematic content breached in their song titles, which explore cosmic encounters, grandiose cities lost within the Earth and numerous references to apocalyptic events.

Cardinal is a major step in the compositional advancement of Le Temps Du Loup. As their moniker itself indicates, their music is not as much about the calm before the storm as it is the sonic representation of the moment at which one sees the maelstrom encroach upon their doorstep, and the tempestuous experience of becoming enveloped by that instant. There are occasions of understated beauty and more nuanced delivery (“Agartha”), of probing, careful curiosity (“Karellen I – Contact”), and even occurrences of upbeat groove hurtling into space rock territory (“Eulerian”). But be always aware, as every track finds its way to crushing crescendos that favor a bruising rhythm section and crushing riffs that pull zero punches.

Produced by Carlos Santos (Toundra, Jardin De La Croix) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Converge, Mutoid Man), Cardinal feels and sounds gigantic, embodying numerous beloved hallmarks of post-metal. From vitriolic power riffing to contemplative melodic explorations, from deliberate, forceful, low end-driven builds to dizzying climactic heights, this is a record that places Le Temps Du Loup in the conversation with modern giants of the form, and adds another rock solid resident to the dunk!records family.

— text by David Zeidler

Cardinal was released on September 4th 2018 by Belgian label dunk!records and Spanish labels Aloud Music, Pundonor Records and The Braves Records in both vinyl and CD.



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