Malämmar • Vendetta [LP]

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Vinyl Color:

Vendetta by Malämmar on colored 180g vinyl.

Second pressing is part of the label's 10th anniversary and comes on Gold and Black vinyl in a revised cover with gold foil layer. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Also available at A Thousand Arms, Church Road Records, Bird's Robe Records and New Noise China.

Release: Dec. 1st, 2021.

Disclaimer: the gold colour may cause some surface noise.

First pressing comes in 2 color configurations, both limited to 150 copies.
Release: Dec. 1st, 2016. SOLD OUT.


Malämmar has created a sonic monument, primitive and sulfurous. Six instrumental tracks where an epic and old picture, laden with iron and copper, myths and walls, battles and prisoners prevails. A heavy cadence, overwhelming, unsettling and war traverses the howl LP. There are no hymns because there are no celebrations. The themes are litanies that offer landscapes where the ruins of fortresses appears in the distance. Only ruins.

The tracks are untitled because they are part of a single piece, an absolute statement of musical rawness and aesthetics. There is no place for anything beautiful, nothing hopeful, a few sunrises and almost no sunset. Only echoes of footsteps on the land that have left behind an empire and desires to conquer another. Hunger and thirst.

Malämmar is the music that Hannibal would have chosen for the campaign against Rome in which crossed the Pyrenees and the Alps with fifty thousand soldiers and forty elephants. Carthaginian relentless revenge. [José María Carrasco, RNE]






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