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Psyche by MASSA (NL) on 180g Smoky Vortex vinyl. This is an independent release. 


"Psyche" is a captivating album that takes listeners on a transformative journey through the mind and body. With a blend of instrumental sludgy, doomy, spacey and sexy post-rock, it weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions and sonic landscapes.

The album opens with the serene beauty of "Ochtendgloren," leading to the intense power of "Karma." "Sëxy d'Uhm" unleashes raw sensual energy, while "Nyx" explores uncharted emotions. "Avondland" offers a calm interlude before "Soma" captivates with its relentless force. The title track, "Psyche," concludes the album with a triumphant finale, representing the journey through the depths of the mind.

"Psyche" is a transformative musical odyssey, inviting listeners to delve into their inner worlds through captivating melodies and powerful soundscapes.

With its evocative melodies, dynamic soundscapes, and cohesive narrative, "Psyche" stands as a testament to the power of music to transport, captivate, and inspire.

Thank you for supporting independent music! 


01. Ochtendgloren
02. Karma
03. Sexy d'Uhm
04. Nyx
05. Avondland
06. Soma
07. Psyche


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