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Meniscus • Refractions [CD]

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Refractions by Meniscus on CD.



It took them a while but Meniscus from Sydney Australia is back with a new album. This band is described by the press as “forward-thinking” (The Drum Media), and “epic, symphonic and melodic” (Triple J), Meniscus seamlessly blend together elements of Guitar-driven ambient soundscapes, hard-rock, electronic and psychedelic music.

"I've always admired the narrative approach of post-rock, and on this album Meniscus certainly mastered that skill. A track like 'Overhang', has the power to remain stuck in your head for a long time, not only because of the recognizable guitar play, but also because it's quite easy to imagine a story while listening to it. 'Head Rush' certainly has that quality, being a massive track, a possible soundtrack for a beautiful adventure. You can really lose yourself in the immersive nature of decent post-rock, and in that aspect, 'Refractions' is a marvelous piece of work." — source






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