N+Ninemiles • 44.04 [LP]


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44.04 is the collaboration between N and Ninemiles.
Comes on 180g black vinyl with spot on UV inside/out black cardboard.

Limited to 100 copies. Pressed with our own hands at dunk!pressing.

Released: December 4th, 2020.



After working, performing and touring together for several years, it was inevitable that N, the Dortmund based drone artist known for his unique soundscapes created with just a guitar and two amps, and NINEMILES, the Mülheim an der Ruhr based, electronic focused drone project of one-third of the black drone band [ B O L T ], would come together to create music.

The result are two incredibly diverse and surprising tracks that both have the signature characteristics of N as well as NINEMILES but create a sound together, that will take the listener on an unexpected sonic journey.
The approach to this collaboration is reflected by the song titles respectively:
II has to be seen not as the number but as a symbol. The two artists complement each other by creating and reacting to their sounds in a parallel way. Sometimes pushing each other, sometimes taking a step back to give the other space and sometimes contradicting each other to create the unexpected.
X resembles the cross. The structure of the track is carefully planned, thus maximizing the effect of the crossfade, the technique that connects the two unique parts of the song, making


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