Nonsun • Black Snow Desert [2xLP]


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Black Snow Desert by Nonsun on double colored 180g vinyl.

Comes in gatefold cover (reverse cardboard). Black inner sleeves.
Direct download included!

Release date: Jan. 25th, 2018.

"Nonsun has the rare talent to put the listener in trance. A trance of the darkest and creepiest kind." — Snoozecontrol

"It's a trip, a search to something intense or undefined. (...) Everything sounds melancholy and dark." Musiczine

"A mammoth and extraordinarily well crafted effort from Nonsun, “Black Snow Desert” is certainly a must for any avid drone/doom fan." — The Sludgelord

"Listening to Black Snow Desert is like taking a pilgrimage through a constantly changing landscape...This isn’t music that you can just turn on as background music and then go about your business. There’s too much to miss, and the payoff from fully immersing yourself in the sound is too great." — Metal Bandcamp

"Black Snow Desert is best described as a slowly shifting sandstorm, winds at lethargic speeds raising gargantuan clouds of dust before slowly disseminating them back across the plains." — Crossfader

"This stark, pitch-black music drapes crawling drones atop distorted chords as huge as hills, while icy arpeggiated guitars meander in and out of phase with tolling bass and tumbling drums. Fried desert-­rock riffs and clip-­clopping percussion give the darkness a vaguely rustic flavor, but the album's eerie ambient passages and eruptions of distant thunder mostly bring to mind vast un­­inhabited spaces—the kind that make you think about how far away the wind comes from." — Chicago Reader


The Lviv, Ukraine duo Nonsun clearly excels at living up to their disquieting moniker, carefully representing the sound of a world without light. Their seamless blend of sludge, drone, doom, stoner and post-metal crafts the soundtrack to despairing resignation. They inhabit a world vacated by both God and the Devil, where the souls who remain worship at the altar of a living, thriving sorrow; yet against the odds there is a spellbinding beauty that follows this willful abandonment of hope.

From the yawning chasm of album opener "No Pity For The Beast, No Shelter For The Innocent" to the swirling cacophonies of "Rest of Tragedy," Black Snow Desert is a challenging and richly layered sermon on the many faces of sadness and regret. It bares sharp teeth, but within an inviting grin that convinces the listener to subject themselves to whatever suffering it may be that enthralls and beckons them continuously closer to the abyss therein. As with the most difficult trials, the rewards are hard-won and multitudinous. Slow and measured as its painstaking unfolding may be, there remains a breathless sense of purpose, an aching to reveal to the listener sights and sounds they never knew they yearned to witness. 

Samantha Muljat's album art brilliantly captures the Nonsun aesthetic – dark and unforgiving, Black Snow Desert also holds promise of an intoxicating mysticism, pulling the listener further along its foreboding, sinuous pathways, eroding apprehension moment by moment as one draws closer toward the ever-dawning realization of the journey's enchanting power. With this release, Nonsun has deftly surveyed the extraordinary endeavor of conquering fear, sadness, and the overwhelming darkness by immersing oneself within the eye of its storm. 



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