Of The Vine • East-the-Water [2xLP]


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East-the-Water by Of The Vine on vinyl. Comes in gatefold cover and on 180g double colored vinyl (milky clear with green splatter mix). Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

US customer are kindly requested to check out the A Thousand Arms store.

Release: May 8th, 2020


Nearly five years ago, the debut full-length of a little-known band from Atlanta, Georgia came and went without much fanfare. For any number of artists this could have been both the beginning and the end of their story. But ever so slowly, Of The Vine began to spread their wings and this record, the intriguingly titled East-the-Water started to grab the ears of devoted post-rock fans scattered around the globe. The album art, somehow both melancholy and inviting with its simple yet striking image of a fog-shrouded meadow, manages to perfectly translate the experience of listening to what lay beyond its transfixing imagery. It is an album that is deceptively simple in its composition, one that holds onto secrets and wonders reserved for the diligent listener. Bringing together the most intoxicating elements of post-rock, ambient and doom, it emerges as a record that can feel intimate and immeasurably expansive in the same moment. It reveals a group of musicians placing the highest value on patience, the spaces between notes, and the careful construction of towering walls of sound from the humblest of beginnings. Over the course of its seven tracks it is sometimes the most achingly beautiful thing you’ve ever heard, other times it consumes you in crushing waves of irrepressible volume. Despite its unassuming entrance in 2015, East-the-Water has stood the test of time, continued to painstakingly build its reputation piece by piece, and now sits among the best post-rock releases of the 2010’s.

We first crossed paths with Of the Vine when they joined the lineup of dunk!usa back in 2017. We never forgot the impression they made, as their memorable performance resulted in the first pressing of East-the-Water selling out at the merch table. So when we realized that their new LP Left Alone would be released in partnership with both dunk!records and A Thousand Arms, we couldn’t allow East-the-Water to remain in limbo. This fantastic record is making its first appearance in nearly three years with our re-press, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with excited fans and newcomers alike.

–– Young Epoch



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