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Pluto Jonze • Awe [LP]


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 A lot of things to do with this album have been a leap of faith. exploring all this new territory has taken time to get right but I really feel like finally these tracks are ready for people to climb up on. I've realised Pluto Jonze is something that will always be a part of me and I want to keep releasing music forever under this name.

This is "Awe." Enjoy, and thank you for all your years of support everyone.

- Pluto

released November 5, 2021

Written and Produced by Pluto Jonze
Co-produced by Brendan Cox - I'll Try Anything, Been Dreaming, Walk Off The Edge With Me
Mixed by Brendan Cox, except New Morning High mixed by Pluto Jonze
Recorded by Pluto Jonze and Roy Nicolson at Uproar Studios
Mastered by Leon Zervos and Harvey O'Sullivan at 301 Studios

out on Bird's Robe Records

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