Pray For Sound • Waves [2xLP]


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Waves by Pray For Sound on double colored vinyl.
Comes on 180g double colored vinyl (blue/black marble with white splatter) in gatefold cover. Limited to 200 copies of this EU variant.

Released on Nov. 8th, 2019 through dunk!records (EU) and A Thousand Arms (200 US variants) and the band (100 band variants).


Continuing their trajectory as one of the most unique and exciting bands in modern post-rock, Boston’s Pray For Sound return with Waves, a record that is defiantly triumphant and uplifting in the face of troubled times. Where Everything Is Beautiful was a conceptual exploration of light and dark and Waiting Room saw the band engaging their more subdued inclinations, Waves emerges as a record that confronts struggle and overcomes it with exhilarating vigor. The title refers to the highs and lows experienced by the band during the writing process, but the final product presents more as a celebratory reflection upon the journey with the knowledge that the rewards validate the hardships experienced along the way.

One of the characteristics that has made Pray For Sound so distinctive is the way in which they navigate post-rock soundscapes with a more streamlined, pop-conscious compositional approach. Waves demonstrates a tightly focused dedication to that stylistic impetus, an album loaded with memorable hooks that is forever moving forward, surveying radiant melodies, infectious grooves and inspiring emotional heights with electrifying immediacy. The expanded presence of synth and electronic elements throughout brightens the tone even further, providing crucial dynamics that fill in the corners of each track and make Waves a record of everlasting vitality and lust for life.

At this juncture Pray For Sound is no longer a band that has anything to prove, as they have positioned themselves alongside some of the most highly-regarded artists in post-rock. But Waves comes charging out of the gate with the youthful spirit of a band making its first impression. The passion and exuberance on display is irresistible, making Waves the perfect antidote for the uncertainty, frustration and grief that threaten to overwhelm us daily. Waves is essential listening, a wholehearted and emphatic reminder of Pray For Sound’s ability to shine the brightest of spotlights on music’s capacity to move mountains.

— Young Epoch

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