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33 by Ranges on double 180g vinyl in a gatefold cover. Co-release with A Thousand Arms.

33,' the highly-anticipated 11th album from Montana's post-rock luminaries, Ranges. This release represents a significant leap forward for the band, showcasing unprecedented growth in the realms of songwriting and art direction. Immerse yourself in the sonic and visual landscapes that define Ranges and discover the expansive world of '33.'! This special vinyl release complements and celebrates the band's creativity with a luscious vinyl package! Heavyweight gatefold with front and back silver foil reliefs, and immersive multi-panel artwork with printed innersleeves! Get yours now! 

Comes in four variants: 

  • Water & Fire Ed. (US) - limited to 105 - SOLD OUT
    • A/B Smokey Clear w/ multicoloured water splatter
    • C/D Smokey Clear w/ multicoloured fire splatter 
  • Chaos & Order Ed. (US) - limited to 105 - SOLD OUT
    • A/B Black marble w/ light grey blob
    • C/D White marble w/ dark grey blob
  • Aqua & Ignis Ed. (EU) - limited to 125 - SOLD OUT
    • A/B Water splatter
    • C/D Fire splatter
  • Chao & Ordo Ed. (EU) - limited to 125 - SOLD OUT
    • A/B Black marble w/ light grey pulsar
    • C/D White marble w/ dark grey pulsar

SECOND PRESSING AVAILABLE NOW in two stunning variants! 

  • Lunar & Solar Ed. (US) - limited to 105
    • A/B Smokey Swamp Green Fade
    • C/D Smokey Fire Fade
  • Luna & Solis Ed. (EU) - limited to 125
    • A/B Clear with blue and emerald green heavy smoke
    • C/D Clear with red and peach orange heavy smoke 

A very limited stock of US variants is available in EU exclusively via dunk!records. 

Releases December 12, 2023. 

Second pressing April 16th, 2024


Reaching the 10-year mark for any endeavor is a notable achievement and one that Ranges can now add to its growing list of accomplishments. The Montana-based post-rock band has been prolific in its creative output over the past decade, exceeding the scope of each previous album both in terms of musical composition and art direction. The band’s eleventh release ’33’ is no exception.

The new double-LP spans the auditory spectrum of the usual Ranges sonic palette, from delicate and nuanced to crushingly dense, but also indulges effortlessly in the inclusion of more immersive sound samples and cinematic sound design, leading to a much more immersive experience that draws as equally on the minimalist tones and atmospheres as it does on the riffs and melodic hooks familiar to the band’s previous discography.

In tandem with the musical opulence of '33,' Ranges presents an equally stunning visual narrative. Being a band where the concept always comes first, each and every aspect of the music and art is imbued with the symbolism of the number 33 and the dualistic aspects of Order and Chaos which it represents. This theme is expressed through several different visual motifs throughout the album artwork and accompanying merchandise.

As with any Ranges album, visual accompaniment is an organic part of the recording process, and '33' is no exception, and if anything takes the band's creative to unparalleled new heights. Playing on a near constant reference to the number 33 throughout the band’s lifespan, this album hammers it home to deal directly with the powerful symbolism of this number as well as the concept of duality as a whole as articulated through several intricate layers of symbolism within the album artwork.

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