Ranges • AB SA RO KA [LP]


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AB SA RO KA by Ranges on 180g vinyl. Includes a special heavyweight "Yellowstone Park Travel Guide" map insert and download card.

Comes in two variants each limited to 150 copies worldwide:

  • Tempest Mountain Ed. - Double Vortex Sepia/Emerald Green [US]
  • Pilot Peak Ed. - Sepia w/ Rust Blob and Forest Green Splatter [EU]

This is a co-release with Athousandarms Music. 

The very first record by the mighty Ranges is finally available on vinyl for the first time ever 10 years after its release! An exceptional debut deserves an exceptional vinyl reissue, enjoy!

Release date:

Released 29.03.2024. 
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International Orders:

UK: Via A Cheery Wave Records or Church Road Records

US: Via Athousandarms Music


When they debuted on the scenes back in 2014, little did Ranges know that they'd become one of the highest regarded (and loudest) bands in modern post-rock, especially renowned for their exhilarating crescendos and bombastic climaxes. Their first record however, was a much quieter ordeal and showcased a band homaging their homeland and its breath-taking sceneries rather than honouring a music movement as a whole. "AB SA RO KA" in fact, is a hushed masterpiece. A record achieving sonic catharsis via slow-mounting constructions rather than thrilling sound explosions; hushed in its progression but loud and steady in its resonance. 

'A humble attempt at forging the sonic equivalent of the ineffable grandeur exemplified by the vast ranges of Montana.'

Fast-forward ten years and Ranges are at the top of their game, as the recently released "33" showed us last year, now masterfully handling the most complex sound progressions with as much grace as decisiveness, and enriching their sound with ambient and classic elements for total auditory bliss. Named after the mountain range where the band is from (Bozeman, Montana, USA) "AB SA RO KA" started Ranges' legacy in a much quieter and simpler fashion. It's hard to imagine it all started here, as a humble attempt at forging the sonic equivalent of the ineffable grandeur exemplified by the vast ranges of Montana with a record that was more of a declaration of love for their native peaks. This is not to say that this album is plain, quite the contrary it is elegant and ornate; but simply that rather than bursting into the scenes with a roaring debut comparable to their later classics, Ranges introduced themselves with the class and elegance of a debutante. With "AB SA RO KA", they presented a restrained and beguiling album, already filled with rich post-rock moments, and building climax via slow-burning crescendos and elegantly orchestrated progressions. 

It's all here and it's all classic Ranges, yet it breathes and sounds with a different energy and air, almost as if with the candour of its youth, "AB SA RO KA" stood firmly on its mountainous ground proudly staring onwards to ever greater things. In the years to come Ranges were to become composers of voiceless anthems, heralds of a movement that has brought post-rock back to the spotlight, and flag bearers of a genre that knows no boundaries or borders. It is through a hushed yet resounding debut like "AB SA RO KA" that Ranges achieved the legendary status they stoically hold now; via these more modest origins, staying true to their core and presenting themselves to a world that would warmly embrace them and place them amongst the genre's greatest. We designed this special 10th anniversary reissue in close collaboration with the band, to honour their legacy and also thank you for your continuous support in the last 10 years. Vinyl colours and effects were designed by the band, who also provided the special insert with a map of their beloved mountain trails that is included with every record. We designed a special package together to help you add this legendary post-rock record to your vinyl collection!  

Celebrate 10 years of Ranges with us with a special message from CJ: 

This is indeed the first album we wrote and recorded back in 2014. I think we were pretty naïve as a band back then as to how big the post-rock world was and really had no idea how far we would go as a band. The album was written as the soundtrack to the Absaroka mountain range which is just a few miles away from Bozeman. We took pride in doing this release entirely by ourselves, from the writing and recording to the screen-printed packaging of the CD release to the screen-printed apparel that coincided with the release of the album, we handled every part of the release on our own. Kind of cool to look back and see that our mindset as a band from the beginning still holds true to who we are and how we operate today, doing as much as we can on our own.



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