Ranges • Confusion of Tongues [3xLP]


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Confusion of Tongues by Ranges on triple gold coloured vinyl in gatefold cover and screen printed B/D/F side. Limited to 300 copies worldwide. 

US fans are invited to check out A Thousand Arms. Released on Sept. 30th, 2020

For the full 5XLP Babel: Confusion of Tongues also purchase the Babel record.



Since their earliest involvement with the dunk! family, RANGES have continually proven to be one of the most intriguing and conceptually rich bands in the post-rock world. From their integral role in the dunk!usa festival in 2017, to their extremely well-received dunk!records debut The Ascensionist that same year, to their incredible main stage performance at dunk!2018 that is now immortalized on vinyl, they have delivered a staggering amount of content in a relatively short time. Those in the know are also aware of their tireless role in building a truly global post-rock community, always eager to connect with fans and artists to help the growth of both the music and its platforms. But more than anything else, RANGES is a band rich with ideas and wildly proactive in their efforts to follow through and realize numerous lofty concepts. It would be fair to say that there is no band right now that is more actively expanding the boundaries of what can be achieved by a small independent band (or any band, for that matter).

Now they reveal the crown jewel (to date) of their years-long dedication to creativity, craft, imagination, and execution. In 2019 they released their second LP with dunk!records, Babel. Little did fans know at the time that this was only the beginning of a much more expansive release. Over the course of the following year, the band sent singles to everyone who purchased the deluxe edition of Babel, three in total, with no explanation. Now, at the one-year anniversary of the initial release, those songs emerge to play their intended roles on what is the actual full album, absorbing themselves into their designated spots in the track listing to form Babel: Confusion of Tongues. With this record, RANGES sought to find out how malleable a release could be, how its life could be extended, how it could exist in two forms with genuine potency. The 9 songs comprising the 2019 release came together into a cohesive whole of their own, but now listeners can frame them in a different context, which ultimately offers not only more content, but greater possibilities for fans to explore. 

With the 3 previously-unreleased tracks folded into the album, Babel: Confusion of Tongues represents the culmination of a year-long rollout and release, a continuously developing piece of work that continued giving even as its receivers were unaware of the nature of the gift. This is a release like none ever seen before, 5xLP colossus that stands as a testament to the outside-the-box thinking and immaculate presentation that RANGES have rightfully become known for. Now revealed and available in its entirety, Babel: Confusion of Tongues is a gorgeous and indeed unprecedented item that should be considered an essential addition to the collections of all those captivated by artistic achievement in music. 

More info at https://www.rangesmusic.com/babel-confusion-of-tongues


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