Ranges • Confusion of Tongues [3xLP]

Ranges • Confusion of Tongues [3xLP]

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Confusion of Tongues by Ranges on triple gold coloured vinyl in gatefold cover. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

US fans are invited to check out A Thousand Arms. Released on Sept. 30th, 2020



‘BABEL: Confusion of Tongues’ is a complete 5XLP album which was released methodically over the course of a year. ‘BABEL’ (2XLP) was released on 09/30/2019 and was comprised of 9 songs. Those who purchased the deluxe version of the album (limited to 33 copies), received 3 additional songs in the mail unannounced, each on its own record, one every three months, as well as the triple-gatefold packaging which would assemble into ‘Confusion of Tongues’ (3XLP) and complete the 5XLP album. Both 2XLP and 3XLP gatefolds are designed to be housed together in the wood slipcase acquired with the initial deluxe purchase. ‘Confusion of Tongues’ will now be released to the public on 09/30/2020. Preorders will be begin 09/03/2020 at 12PM EST.

The 3 songs contained on ‘Confusion of Tongues’ are not b-sides, nor do they comprise a standalone EP. All 12 tracks were recorded during the same session and were intended to fit together in a unique way. This particular tracklist is revealed by clues contained within the album artwork and packaging. The inside gatefold of ‘BABEL’ features a 12-section diagram arranged according to the zodiac and the color wheel. The first track is ‘Cadence’ and is in the position of Aries and is Red. Following the wheel counter-clockwise, it will be shown that each track has a corresponding zodiac sign as well as a specific color indicating its location on the 7 sides of vinyl containing audio (the center labels of which are also color-coded). The 3 tracks from ‘Confusion of Tongues’ are associated with a unique color and zodiac section which will clearly illustrate their correct position in the tracklist when incorporated into the ‘BABEL’ gatefold diagram.

The artwork on the inner record sleeves is also color-coordinated to match with the zodiac sections and features archetypal figures which further exemplify the themes alluded to by the corresponding text.

The full artwork for ‘BABEL’ and ‘Confusion of Tongues’ is displayed below, organized into two columns which highlight the themes for both albums and how they are designed to work together as a unified whole. The column for ‘BABEL’ is on the left and ‘Confusion of Tongues’ is on the right. The first designs in each column are the deluxe screen-prints included as inserts in their respective albums.

More info at https://www.rangesmusic.com/babel-confusion-of-tongues