Ranges • Night & Day [LP]


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Night & Day by Ranges on 180g colored vinyl in a gatefold cover. Co-release with A Thousand Arms.

First time on vinyl featuring remastered and reworked audio (specifically for this vinyl release) and all-new, expanded artwork. Comes in two variants and three editions:

  • Night Variant (Vortex): Dark Red Desert Vortex (ltd 117 copies)
  • Day Variant (Splatter): Milky Smoke w/ Brown & White Splatter (ltd 117 copies)
  • Deluxe Edition: Vortex or Splatter variant (surprise, no choice of color) including a hand-printed alternate cover insert & more (ltd 66 copies)

Also available at A Thousand Arms (US), Birds Robe Records (AU), Church Road Records (UK) & New Noise China (CN).

    Released July 10, 2023.


    Ranges have been with us for many years and released some of the most monumental post-rock we have on offer. If you have been with us just as long, you know what the Montana-based band is about; massive riffs, sweeping crescendos, and tons and tons of post-rock goodness. Ranges however also always had a more experimental side, a creative vein that often found its realization through projects outside of the canonical LP and EP releases. These singles shoed the band’s soft spot for mellower tunes, and always proved that Ranges is one of the most alive and vibrant voices in the vast American post-rock field. So yes, we are very excited to offer one of these projects on vinyl for the first time ever!

    Released 8 years ago as a standalone digital single, "Night & Day" is one epic 24-minute-long journey and one of the most cathartic pieces Ranges has ever written. This piano-driven piece delivers a moving and stirring performance by the band and provides a unique look into their more experimental side. A cinematic score to a coast-to-coast ride, "Night & Day" is a delicate interweaving of classical and classic post-rock elements, and transports the listener with its slow build-up and roaring mid-section. Because fret not, this is still Ranges after all, so they’re still packing a punch here, just this time without clinging their fists let’s say. Never too aggressive yet never too restrained, Ranges ride within the delicate balance of these contrasting elements and sapiently fuse them together into one wondrous track. "Night & Day" is a blissful moment in the band’s discography; a romance, it is a moving in its build-up. Or perhaps it is a break-up, driving the climax home with its quiet fury. It is a soundtrack to driving all day to that perfect show, or riding back all night after witnessing it. It moves with the same anticipation as the drive up and the same nostalgia as the drive home.

    Through its cyclical character, with the fading out atmosphere recalling the blissful piano entrance "Night & Day" reminds us of the duality of day and night and their endless repetition. Are they the separation or the continuation of the same thing. Is night the continuation day or its antithesis? Being infused with these familiar yet mysterious feelings is what makes this track such a stand-out in the band’s vast catalogue. It is almost quintessential Ranges hopelessly romantic and endlessly bombastic! Even though it is a standalone track, a single (mellow) pit-stop in the band’s epic post-rock journey, "Night & Day" is a momentous step in the Ranges discography, and as such belongs in every collector’s closet!

    This is (almost) quite literally Ranges like you’ve never heard them before! For this re-issue the band has given "Night & Day the full vinyl-treatment, with a brand-new remaster, completely reimagined artwork and vinyl exclusive music. And if you know Ranges, you know they always go above and beyond with their packaging - this time the band hand-printed a very limited number of screen printed inserts (66 copies) that expand the artwork. 


    The B-side of this record contains vinyl exclusive music*


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