sleepmakeswaves • It's Here, But I Have No Names For It [LP]


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It's Here, But I Have No Names For It by sleepmakeswaves on 180g vinyl. Comes in a gatefold cover with insert and download code.

Exclusive EU vinyl edition on Purple Quartz Fade vinyl only available via dunk!records limited to 250 copies. 


These cheerful Australians need no introduction as they already are a household name in any respectable post-rock circuit. For nearly 20 years, sleepmakeswaves have not just been writing love songs about delay pedals, but electrified and captivated the post-rock masses in the process. The key to their appreciation worldwide? The distinctly jovial and playful character of their music of course! Uniquely progressive in approach and incorporating genres as disparate as jazz, pop, dream pop and metal sleepmakeswaves' colourful compositions have conquered a loyal army of fans around the world. 

sleepmakesaves have always stood out from the mass of their more introvert and introspective counterparts. Despite their unusual blend of progressive, pop, and indie elements, the Sydney natives have delivered stellar record after stellar record without ever compromising on post-rock cathartic factor. sleepmakeswaves have continued to deliver bombastic climaxes and impactful crescendos even when deviating from the classic soft/loud post-rock compositional rule, and, if anything, they have enriched this standardised formula with poppy thrills and progressive frills, greatly expanding what "post-rock" was collectively thought of.

"An instant classic, a record destined to be played time and time again, and enjoyed during focused listening sessions as well as more casual moments".

The "element" catharsis is as present as ever on their newest album "It's Here, But I Have No Names For It", a true whirlwind of moods and sounds that sees the band moving closer to their post-rock roots and deliver a truly extraordinary record in a truly larger-than-life discography. sleepmakeswaves' fourth full length is an exhilarating mix of post-rock, progressive metal, and pop in an immersive cinematic masterpiece. The record opens with "Super Realm Park" and "Ritual Control" two classic sleepmakeswaves moments and bangers in post-rock terms. Immediately, "It's Here, But I Have No Names For It" surprised for its linearity and immediate impact, with its unique blend of infectious rhythms and energetic riffing. If the A-side is bombastic thrilling and explosive, the B-side is more exploratory in nature and restrained in composition but just as equally beguiling. Straying only slightly from post-rock proper, bombastic climaxes give room to evocative piano and dream pop passages, which tastefully expand the pool of sounds and moods to be found on the record. Proving once again to be comfortable with any sound palette, sleepmakeswaves have crafted a masterpiece immediate in its play-through yet meant to be explored during multiple sessions. A record meant to stay on your turntable for repeated gratifying listens, "It's Here, But I Have No Names For It" is an instant classic; a record destined to be played time and time again, and enjoyed during focused listening sessions as well as more casual moments. 


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