Solkyri • Are You My Brother? [2xLP]


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Are You My Brother? by Solkyri on 180g colored vinyl.

First time on vinyl! Comes in a reversed gatefold sleeve in two variants, each limited to 250 copies worldwide. Booklet included! Co-release with Birds Robe Records

Originally released on May 7, 2013.
X Anniversary Edition released on June 2, 2023. 



What better way to celebrate your debut record’s 10th anniversary than pressing it on vinyl for the first time? Solkryi’s wondrous debut “Are You My Brother?” is finally available on vinyl exclusively through Bird’s Robe and dunk!records and brings all the joy and fun that the Australian quartet are known for!

“Are You My Brother?” is unlike your typical post-rock record. It’s full of life and unexpected turns. While hinting to what’s to come for the band, it displays its own unabashed youthful character made of adventurous experimentation. It draws inspiration from a variety of genres, from the most to the least expected and offers a wondrous  ride through the first formative years of the band’s adventure in post-rock. Spanning from roaring climaxes to glitzy yet well-placed pop moments, it is Solkyri like you’ve never heard it before; quite literally and figuratively. "Are You My Brother?" is just as exuberant and energetic as the band’s later catalogue, yet shines with its own distinct character. Solkyri’s uniquely joyful approach to post-rock is already very much present from the onset of the album, yet this debut shows a surprisingly sensitive side, one of self-discovery and exploration. Beauty, loss, longing and belonging are the themes explored in a record that is equal parts youthful and mature. A true must-have for all post-rock fans finally available in vinyl, with extended artwork and booklet to celebrate the band’s early days!






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