Solkyri • No House [LP]


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No House by Solkyri on 180g colored vinyl.

Comes in a regular 12" case sleeve in three variants and is limited to 500 copies worldwide. Co-release with Birds Robe Records

Released on April 22nd, 2022. 


No House is the debut EP release by Sydney three-piece post-rock band, Solkyri, originally released February 20th, 2011. 

"Written in 2009, recorded in 2010 and then later independently released in 2011. It feels like only a couple of years ago we put out this record! It reminds us of a time that moves on at a relentless pace, people come in and out of our lives and that nostalgia is the most deeply unfulfilling emotion. The love and loss, the doubt, the hope and the joy; memories from this time never fail to warm our hearts and bring a smile to our faces."







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