Soulprison • Lucid Nightmare [EP]


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Lucid Nightmare by Soulprison on 180g Sunburst Splatter vinyl.

Please note this is a one-sided release. 


Scaling the ranks of the hardcore scene thanks to their DIY attitude and formidable song-writing, Soulprison have already made a name for themselves! Easily recognisable for their honest hearts and raving tunes, these Germans double down on the "aggression factor" on their muscular two-step hardcore/metalcore hybrid that is sure to capture you and make your head bob in rhythm. 

Channeling their rage at the many injustices that plague our societies, Soulprison compose an album of in-your-face music will will leave you head-banging long after it's done. Running rampant with epic breakdowns Lucid Nightmare will leave you with a sore neck but satisfied ear drums. One epic release for lovers of harsher sounds! 

Limited to 5 copies.


Lucid Nightmare by Soulprison


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