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Exoplanet by Stories From The Lost on CD.


Though they began life in 2011, the Belgian post-metal group Stories From The Lost are beginning an exciting life anew after a host of lineup changes and sonic developments since their debut For Clouds. Originally working from an instrumental template, the band folded a focus on electronic sounds into their metal foundations. As time progressed and new members joined the mix, the band eventually re-shaped themselves into the fully-realized unit that has now emerged with the release of their third album Exoplanet, which they unleashed to the (digital) world on 1 December 2017.

While the electronics remain as an integral piece of the puzzle, the band has come forth with a richer palette of sounds for this release, featuring snarling riffs and a dual vocal attack courtesy of guitarist Mathieu Vanlandtschoote and bassist Kurt Vanlandtschoote. Adding textures to their chugging, guttural sound is guitarist Glenn De Loor, while founding member Wout Lievens holds down the rhythm section with his focused drumming and provides the electronic elements and samples. Besides Lievens, one carryover from the band’s early days is the presence of Tobias Stieler (Kokomo), who mastered Expoplanet, while recording and mixing was handled by Jannes Van Rossom at Deaftone Studio.

On Exoplanet listeners can find enticing stylistic blends of post-metal and post-rock (most noticeable on the standout track Minkowski), powerfully heavy soundscapes accented by electronics and vocal samples (Obey the Martians), as well as soaring, emotional passages such as those found on Bleak Daylight. This is Stories From The Lost’s magnum opus to this juncture, the culmination of 6 years of sonic expansion and redefinition of artistic purpose. The power and confidence with which these songs approach their audience reveal a creative chemistry between members that has allowed them to propel light years beyond previous releases, utilizing an arsenal of punishing riffs and carefully measured grooves that will both batter and bewitch the listener.

— Text by David Zeidler



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