Terraformer • Mineral [LP]


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Mineral by Terraformer on 180g colored vinyl.
Comes in two limited color editions. Release: Feb. 16th, 2017

Voted #17 on 'Post-Rock Listeners' Choice: The 50 Best Releases of 2017' — Post-Rock & Arctic Drones 



Mineral by Terraformer is the third full album by this Belgian trio, released on dunk!records. Like their other albums they are continuing to do what they're good at: being loud and heavy! 

But they're also: "Instrumental. Oh My God Climax. Almost shredding. Wild. Cheesy layers. Rash looping. Evil patterns. Semi mosh. Catchy tappings. Messy. Sexy lads. Br00tal! Barefaced. Mickey. Ninja. Emergency. Cephalopod.Elusive. Booby hatch. Ham rotten. Homeric. Ethereal. Celurean. Dragon. Terrestrial. Epic. Gray. Méduse. Explosions. Tasty shirts. Wolves. Hibou. Opaque Ethyl. Beast. Puddles. Summoning creatures. Ship related stuffs. Peril. Bricolage. Noir. Surge. Whopping. Misty. Summing. Vultures. Seismograph. The pink lizard. Burst. Creatures."






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