The Introvert • Carry The Bomb, Carry The Power [2xLP]

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Carry The Bomb, Carry The Power by The Introvert on double 180g colored vinyl.

Comes in a gatefold sleeve with reverse finish in two variants and is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

  • EU variant: Dark Green (limited to 300 copies)
  • US variant: Orange (only 20 available in our webshop, limited to 200 copies via Post.Recordings)

Also available at Birds Robe Records (AU), Church Road Records (UK) & New Noise China (CN).

Released on June 3rd, 2022. 


We’re very excited to introduce The Introvert as our newest addition to the label. Many listeners will already be familiar with the artist behind the music, Jeremy Galindo, who has had an immeasurable impact on the development of the post-rock landscape with the band he co-founded back in 2004, This Will Destroy You. That being said, his debut record as The Introvert, Carry The Bomb, Carry The Power, is no simple replication of the genre-defining sound TWDY helped to create, but instead an adventurous departure which fuses properties from a broader berth of genres, folding electronic, synthwave, sad dance, shoegaze, and trip-hop into the mix. When discussing the album, Galindo uses artists like M83, Slowdive, Cigarettes After Sex, Fever Ray, and Enya as reference points.


While the record does reveal some foundational links to the classic post-rock sound as it taps into the more hushed, melodic elements of Galindo's previous work, it also expands them into their own unique presentation characterized by pulsing synth, whispery vocals, skittering electronics, and splashy percussive elements. While largely surveying a melancholic soundscape, the music also contains passages of exhilarating catharsis in which patient development guides expertly into richly rewarding climactic outpourings that spring vibrantly upon the listener. These moments reveal an essential alchemy of dark and light that speaks to Galindo's maturity as a songwriter, hard-earned after nearly two decades crafting music that has transcended its own experimental roots to become entrenched in the sonic tapestry of popular culture.

The brief-but-bright “Intro” quickly whisks the listener into lead single “Deadman Watching For Me,” which applies brush strokes across the full spectrum of The Introvert’s sonic canvas. The track opens with a deceptively simple, seemingly dispirited synth melody that proves not only to be curiously infectious but also reveals an unexpectedly rich depth which informs everything around it as the song evolves through its eight-minute running time. And evolve it does. After spending the first half methodically casting a hypnotic spell, Galindo then allows the song to spread its wings. A confidently breezy drumbeat propels the song forward, as additional synth elements are layered in to support a climactic refrain that drives a profoundly emotional melody directly into the heart of the listener and rings with striking clarity even as it’s engulfed in the mesmeric thrumming of heavily applied vocal effects.

The impact is further strengthened by the thematic content that weaves its way throughout the record. “Deadman Watching For Me” addresses the cosmic balance in a moment of intensity and uncertainty, where absurdity collides with tragedy to breathe life into a fresh perspective. This idea that sometimes we can only reach the light by travelling through the darkest parts of ourselves lends a greater impact and sweeping hopefulness to a song that begins in a somber place before eventually lifting off and reaching inspired heights not foreshadowed in its origins. Carry The Bomb, Carry The Power is in many ways the product of years of struggle, disappointment, and devastation, but its power rests in its ability to transform scarring into strength, and to translate pain into poignancy.

These themes are carried throughout the record but are perhaps most strongly felt in the album closer “Maybe,” which spins themes of disappointment and betrayal into a breathtaking crescendo where bruises blossom and become far greater than the sum of their parts. As the percussion throbs and presses forward to the album’s end, the vividly emotional impact carried by a repeated vocal melody stands as an evocative declaration that healing is not a distant goal, but a real-time process. Remnants of bitterness live on in the lyrics, but there is a comforting gentleness in their delivery that reminds us that we can channel perfection even at our most imperfect. This thought is at the very core of Carry The Bomb, Carry The Power, an album that celebrates the kind of raw beauty that can only be truly glimpsed honestly through a work still in progress.





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