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The Omnific - The Law of Augmenting Returns [CD]


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The Law of Augmenting Returns by The Omnific on CD. 


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The world’s most prominent bass driven instrumental rock act, Australia’s The Omnific, return with their sophomore opus, The Law Of Augmenting Returns, an audacious and magnificent triumph - to be released on June 7, 2024 via Wild Thing RecordsThe Law Of Augmenting Returns explores the notion that the more effort you invest in your artistry, the greater the rewards you reap. While staying true to The Omnific's core, this powerful trinity of bass and drums has fulfilled this prophecy, pushing their creative boundaries to unprecedented heights. A tremendous body of work transpired, traversing the intense, the emotionally charged, and the humorous, appealing to a wide range of musical palates. The album is testimony to its impactful singles; the nostalgic and heroic adventure of lead single Base Camp, the atmospheric djent-propelled journey of Phat Mackerel, the thematic Matrices with its pop and hip hop tendencies, and Will-O’-The-Wisp, a beautiful labyrinth of grandiose proportions. The production team of critically acclaimed debut record Escapades (2021) reassembled for the release, including Adam Bentley (mixing, Arch Echo), Ermin Hamidovic(mastering, Periphery), and Josh Saunders (artwork); with the majority of programming handled by the band’s own Matt Fack. The music videos were captured by acclaimed directors Jamie McVicker Declan Blackall (Plini) [Phat MackerelBase CampWill-O’-The-Wisp], and Miki Simankevicius (Polaris - D.O.P) [Matrices]. The album encompasses an array of instrumentation never used before on a The Omnific record, such as Bass VI, Fretless Warwick played with an EBow, live brass including Trumpet and Trombone, and Vocals on opener The Omnific ≈ Bass; a barbershop quartet foreword by genre legend Tim Waurick, and excerpts from Luke Taylor of Heartline. The title track embraces bass solos from British YouTube sensation Charles Berthoud, and exhilarating Australian newcomer Kai Den Hertog, while the intricate keyboards of Rohan Sharma (I Built The Sky) appear fluently throughout the album. However, despite all of this, in true steadfast fashion, The Omnific’s realm is yet to feature a guitar, and long may the lords of bass reign.


  1. The Omnific ≈ Bass (Feat: Tim Waurick and Luke Taylor of Heartline)
  2. The Law Of Augmenting Returns (Feat: Charles Berthoud and Kai Den Hertog)
  3. Matrices
  4. Base Camp
  5. Will-O’-The-Wisp
  6. Phat Mackerel
  7. Butterfingers
  8. Double Malt Ditty (Feat: Rohan Sharma)

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