This Patch of Sky • These Small Spaces [2xLP]


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Vinyl Color:

These Small Spaces by This Patch of Sky on double colored vinyl.
Comes in gatefold cover and in two color editions (white vinyl and transparent blue).

Released on Sept. 22nd, 2017.


"A magical album" and a 8/10 from Rock Tribune.

"Coordinates is something that is emotionally grabbing and sonically complex in such a good way that’s indescribable." — The Huffington Post

"There’s a lot happening beneath the surface and the deeper structures of the album reward the devout listener." — Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"A perfect companion to deep relaxation and inner explorations. Beautiful production with every instrument in their right element" and 9/10 — nmex.dk

"...you can almost feel the wind as you’re guided through this experience that feels as natural as the mountains that surround Oregon itself." and 9.4/10!! — Arctic Drones

Voted #4 on 'Post-Rock Listeners' Choice: The 50 Best Releases of 2017' Post-Rock & Arctic Drones



This nine-track album takes listeners on a dynamic journey that navigates from eerie, somber soundscapes into gentle tapestries that build effortlessly into grandiose, soaring compositions – creating a sonic masterpiece, where instruments alone create a powerful and universal language.

That stunning instrumental language is composed by This Patch Of Sky’s six members: Kit Day (guitar), Joshua Carlton (guitar), Joel Erickson (Rhodes), Alex Abrams (cello), Sean King (bass) and TJ Martin-Lokey (drums).

“The album title - These Small Spaces - originally came to us as we were recording demos for the album in our bedrooms, living rooms, apartments, etc. The album artwork based around the album also depicts a girl being confined to a small space who is breaking away and floating upward towards the sky with no restraints. We felt like it represented this album perfectly.”






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