Vaudlow • A Language Unspoken [LP]


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A Language Unspoken by Vaudlow on 180g black & white vinyl.

Co-release with A Thousand Arms. Releases December 1st, 2023. Comes in two variants each limited to 150 copies:

  • US - Black and White Double Vortex 
  • EU - Black & White "Checkered" Spinner


Following the clamour of their Self-Titled debut, Vaudlow, returns with their sophomore album called A Language Unspoken, a decisive and charismatic follow-up to their joyful ode to youth. While "Self-Titled" debut presented us with tranquil and peaceful “pastel” soundscapes, the band’s follow-up record explores wilder and untamed territories, delivering an equally immersive and captivating journey. Like opposite halves of a powerful whole, these two albums perfectly complement one another. The youthful yearning of "Self-Titled" seeps into the emotive "A Language Unspoken" which in turns expands on that “restlessness” which identified "Self-Titled" and its intricate sound.

The band self-described the record as composed in “the intimate spaces of bedrooms, spanning the distance from Boston to Nashville”, and while playing it, we can almost picture riding through these vast spaces, from endless plains and forests, to the remote hamlets and sprawling cities that litter the Mid-West.Taking the more scenic route Vaudlow cruise through these contrasting sights and take us along for the ride that is charged with a boundless sense of wanderlust. The closing minutes of "A Language Unspoken" with those blaring drums followed by a blissful guitar passage are the perfect representation of the two conflicting sides that live within this album.

While retaining their emotional resonance, Vaudlow has embraced new, darker elements, demonstrating their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft. Despite their consistent creation process, their growth as artists shines through in their composition and songwriting. This upcoming album is a testament to their enduring ability to captivate with powerful, emotive music, offering listeners a transcendent journey that seamlessly continues from their debut. "A Language Unspoken" is a record of contrasting halves.

We celebrate this duality with a minimal and elegant design with total black sleeves (on rich rough paper), and two black and white variants that expand to the visual realm what is already evoked by the sonicscape of the record. 






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