Vaudlow • Self Titled [LP]


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Self Titled album by Vaudlow on 180g Blue Splatter vinyl. 

Co-release with A Thousand Arms. Releases Dec. 1st, 2023.

Comes in two variants, each limited to 150 copies:

  • EU - Transparent Turquoise w/ blue multicolour splatter
  • US - Blue w/ blue multicolour splatter


In 2019, Vaudlow unveiled their self-titled debut album, a captivating dive into the world of post-rock instrumentals. With singles like "This Could Be Ours" and "The Counterpart," the album is a journey through tranquil yet emotionally charged soundscapes, where the band's musical expertise shines. Vaudlow's self-titled debut artfully blends peace and emotion, using music as a universal language to convey intricate feelings. This album is a testament to their ability to craft sonic landscapes that resonate deeply with listeners.

"Self-Titled" offers an emotionally-charged debut from a band that already sounds fully comfortable with their sound and in total control of their craft. The record is filled with blissful climaxes, guitar-lead crescendos and an overall aura of youthful unworried self-assurance. At times however, the record also shows a more agitated character, casting a shadow of anxious anticipation, a foreboding vision not of anguish but of transformation. A vision of unceasing and inevitable mutation. A sense of leaving something behind inadvertently, but permanently. This inner dimension permeates the serene and hopeful character of the record resulting in an immersive listen filled with a sense of wonderment for how all things inevitably change. Ourselves included. 

To complement the serene and blissful nature of this album we pressed two beautiful variants in collaboration with the band, using different shades of blue which symbolise peace and serenity.



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