Zakè & City of Dawn • Frizzell & Duque: Orison [LP]


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Frizzell & Duque: Orison by zakè & City of Dawn on 180g colored vinyl.

Comes on Milky w/ Black Marble vinyl and is limited to 100 EU copies. Also available at A Thousand Arms, Bird's Robe Records, Church Road Records and New Noise China.

Release planned for February 2022.


The album is a collaboration with my dear friend Damien (City of Dawn) and is titled, ‘Frizzell & Duque: Orison’ by zakè & City of Dawn.

‘Orison’ is a prayer or plea to a deity. The archaic origins of the term stem from the Latin language simply meaning to ‘speak to God’.

This album is an intimate collection of arrangements that accurately represent the current mindset I am in, resulting from the tragic and untimely passing of my mother in law.

– zakè




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