Introducing Three Recently Launched Pre-Orders

Vinyl enthusiasts, prepare to embark on a thrilling auditory adventure as we introduce three spectacular albums now available for pre-order on vinyl. From captivating post-metal soundscapes to Midwest-infused indie rock and a cosmic space rock journey, these albums are bound to leave a lasting mark in your music collection. Let's dive in!

Vestiges by Grand Aquila

Grand Aquila, the dynamic Belgian post-metal band, took flight in 2020. Their music is a captivating fusion of epic harmonies and visceral intensity, offering a powerful sound with a touch of optimism. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, their unique style reflects a rich tapestry of influences.

The band comprises four talented members, with three of them originating from the post-rock and post-metal scene, including familiar label bands Terraformer and Ilydaen.

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Being Human by Shipwreck Karpathos

Birthed in the backroom of a beloved Indiana record store, Shipwreck Karpathos is the shape-shifting brainchild of David Chastain. An instrumental band steeped in the Midwest’s melting pot of emo, hardcore and indie rock stylings, Shipwreck Karpathos are set to turn a new page with their forthcoming record, exploring a slightly darker territory while also coming into their own as a band.

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Beyond Event Horizon by Kozmotron

Aptly titled “Beyond Event Horizon”, the band’s newest record incorporates elements of jazz, noise, dub and funk to deliver a truly space and time bending epic “space rock” journey. For their third full length, these aliens have doubled down on the “unexpected” factor and embarked on a four-act cosmic exploration laden with synths and sax extravaganza and more reflective introspectiveness and they’re ready to take you with them. So fasten your seatbelts and commence countdown!

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