Official dunk!festival 2022 aftermovie


dunk!pressing 2.0 is officially running!

We love what we do, so we decided to expand our vinyl pressing plant! Three years after we pressed our very first record we're happy to say that we now have (much) more space, more machines, more passionate staff and more orders than ever before! If you consider pressing your album on wax, feel free to reach out via! We'll gladly help!


10 years dunk!records

2021 is a festive year as we both celebrate the 10th anniversary as a label but also the one of our first release: Kokomo • If Wolves. We have decided to re-release 10 titles of our catalogue on gold vinyl and revised album cover with gold foil layer: 𝕏-series.


First vinyl pressed on our own machines

After years of working with big pressing plants we felt the need for a more custom product and the option to release limited runs in specific colors. Around that time new machines were being sold or developed and after doing some research we came to the conclusion the Newbilt equipment was perfect for our plan to release small runs in custom colors. The result is everything in this webshop that was released from 2018 until now.


moved to a new location

After a difficult financial year in 2013, we had to ask our loyal audience for help through a (successfull) crowdfunding campaign to survive. In 2014 we decided to go for a fresh start and new approach. We moved the festival to an outdoor area where we had full control over the terrain and more time to prepare. To this day we're still using these terrains for our annual festival but also to house two studios, rehearsal spaces, the label headquarters and our pressing plant.


first release

It all started with the questions from Kokomo if we wanted to start a label to release their upcoming album. And so we did. In the meantime we released over 100 titles in the course of 10 years, including three more Kokomo albums. And be sure there's a lot more to come!


First edition

In 2005 we organized the first edition of dunk!festival, which was called dunk!rock back then. There were only 3 local bands on the lineup (Green Itch, Hat Attach and Faraday's Inn). On the picture (by Bram Blondeel, also member of Faraday's Inn) you can see another local band (FEW) who played the 2007 edition, with members of Green Itch.

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